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www.s2tracker.com 21/11/2015 The S-2 Tracker Museum-Welcome!. The S-2 Tracker (originally the S-2A) was the first aircraft designed from the start to operate from the U.S. Navy's new generation of anti-submarine warfare carriers. These aircraft would have the difficult task of locating and destroying enemy submarines that were outside of land-based patrol aircraft. The new design did not have to rely on speed. It just needed long endurance and the capacity to carry a wide variety of detection gear and weapons. The new design would also replace the wildly inefficient hunter/killer concept that utilized two Grumman AF-2 Guardians, in which one was equipped with detection gear to "hunt" the sub, while the other was fitted with the weapons to "kill" the enemy vessel.

www.saa.org/AbouttheSociety/Publications/AmericanAntiquity/tabid/124/Default.aspx 04/01/2015 American Antiquity is one of the principal journals of the Society for American Archaeology. The journal is a benefit of membership in the SAA. This section includes tables of contents for issues beginning in 1995. All table of contents dating back to the volume 1, 1935 are available! You can also order back issues through the SAA Marketplace, visit the American Antiquity editorial office, and view over 60 years of American Antiquity on-line through JSTOR.

www.sabado.pt 21/11/2015 A SÁBADO Online é o site da revista SÁBADO, publicação semanal generalista, fundada a 7 de Maio de 2004. A SÁBADO é um projecto independente e pluralista que aborda todas as áreas da sociedade portuguesa e do mundo de uma forma objectiva com o único interesse de informar os seus leitores. Na SÁBADO Online, pode acompanhar todas as notícias do País e do mundo ao minuto e ver centenas de reportagens, entrevistas, artigos de opinião, guias de lazer ou outros conteúdos multimédia realizados em exclusivo para a Internet.

www.sallyb.org.uk 13/03/2017 B-17 Preservation Ltd - The Sally B Website. The official website of Sally B, the UK's last airworthy B-17 flying fortress. Operating the UK’s last remaining airworthy Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress aircraft is an important educational and heritage project, for this aircraft represents an important chapter in our history when formations of B-17 Flying Fortresses of the United States Eighth Army Air Force flew daylight missions out of British bases. Tragically, many thousands of young airmen were never to return, and the aircraft is kept flying as a tribute to the sacrifices made by these men and their allies in the Royal Air Force.

www.salvador-allende.cl 20/01/2014 Pensamiento y obra de Salvador Allende e historia documental del socialismo chileno.

www.salvationarmy.org 24/12/2014 The Salvation Army is an integral part of the Christian Church, although distinctive in government and practice. The Army’s doctrine follows the mainstream of Christian belief and its articles of faith emphasise God’s saving purposes. Its objects are 'the advancement of the Christian religion… of education, the relief of poverty, and other charitable objects beneficial to society or the community of mankind as a whole'. The movement, founded in 1865 by William Booth, has spread from London, England, to many parts of the world.

www.sandiegometro.com 06/01/2015 San Diego Metropolitan Magazine – Welcome.

www.sap.com/events/index.html 05/11/2016 Discover SAP events, webinars, conferences, videos, and training seminars. Hear from business and IT experts on software and technology innovations.

www.sapo.pt 08/11/2015 Portal SAPO PT o site de referência em Portugal, agora com nova Homepage, tem as principais notícias de Portugal e do mundo num único sítio. Tem ainda banca de jornais, mail, fotos, vídeos, blogs, emprego, casas, canais sobre restaurantes e receitas, mulher, festas, cinema e muitas outras coisas para descobrir no Portal SAPO Portugal.

www.saretzky.com 27/03/2017 Saretzky Online.

www.sas.upenn.edu/~campe 03/04/2016 The Home Page of Elisabeth Camp. My research focuses on thoughts and utterances that don't fit standard propositional models. My research thus lies in the overlap between philosophy of mind and philosophy of language, with special attention to topics that intersect with aesthetics.

www.sauder.ubc.ca/Faculty/Divisions/Strategy_and_Business_Economics_Division 09/06/2016 UBC's Strategy & Business Economics Division specializes in entrepreneurship, industrial organization, international business, urban land economics, and public policy. The Division was established in July 1999 through a merger of the Policy Analysis Division and the Urban Land Economics Division.

www.saunalahti.fi/~ejuhola/7.62/intro.html 29/01/2016 7.62 mm. A Site Dedicated to Tactical Military Gaming.

www.saunalahti.fi/~ejuhola/7.62/suomi.html 29/01/2016 The Finnish Weapons Series. Konepistooli m/31 Suomi.

www.saunalahti.fi/~ejuhola/7.62/weapons.html 29/01/2016 The Finnish Weapons Series.

www.saunalahti.fi/~huuhilo/portuguese 10/01/2017 Brazilian Portuguese language. Differences between Portuguese spoken in Portugal (European Portuguese) and Brazilian Portuguese?.

www.saunalahti.fi/~huuhilo/portuguese/gb_verbs.htm 10/01/2017 Brazilian Portuguese language. Verbos.

www.sav.sk 25/02/2017 História vedeckých inštitúcií na území Slovenska sa podobne ako v okolitých krajinách začala písať v 16. a 17. storočí, v období charakteristickom zrodom modernej vedy. Dovtedy boli jedinými vedeckými inštitúciami klasické univerzity. Vznikajúce akadémie nadväzovali na stredovekú platónsku tradíciu a vytvárali pre vedu lepšie podmienky. V tomto duchu navrhol roku 1735 polyhistor Matej Bel založiť v Bratislave učenú spoločnosť Societas litteraria.

www.sav.sk/?lang=sk&charset=&doc=services-news&news_no=3748 25/02/2017 Encyklopédia o slovenských osobnostiach botaniky .... Vložil(a): V. Šmihula, 18.2.2011. Vo štvrtok 17. februára bola slávnostná prezentácia ďalšieho zväzku série "Flóra Slovenska" a encyklopedického slovníka "Osobnosti botaniky na Slovensku" .... Na malej slávnosti v Kongresovom centre Vydavateľstva VEDA SAV sa stretli vyznávači botaniky nielen z akademických a univerzitných pracovísk, ale aj priatelia autorov či spoluautorov oboch kníh, aby sa spoločne potešili z ďalších dvoch noviniek slovenskej botanickej knižnice.

www.saveagorilla.org 11/07/2016 The Mountain Gorilla Conservation Fund (MGCF) is dedicated to the conservation and protection of the critically endangered Mountain Gorillas in Africa, their habitat, and working with the people around the National Parks. We have been doing this ever since Dian Fossey asked for help back in 1983. When Ruth Keesling took over the work after Dr. Dian Fossey's murder there were only 248 known mountain gorillas in the world. None of these animals are in captivity.

www.sc.ehu.es/sbweb/fisica/default.htm 16/08/2014 Es un curso de Física general que trata desde conceptos simples como el movimiento rectilíneo hasta otros más complejos como las bandas de energía de los sólidos. La interactividad se logra mediante los 545 applets insertados en sus páginas webs que son simulaciones de sistemas físicos, prácticas de laboratorio, experiencias de gran relevancia histórica, problemas interactivos, problemas-juego, etc.

www.scaleaero.com 28/02/2014 Air & Space Magazine Website Featuring Jami Mari Clayman's OV-10 Documentary Written Article In Smithsonian's Air & Space Magazine.

www.sceneario.com 28/02/2017 Sceneario est un site généraliste traitant de Bande Dessinée, spécialisé dans la critique de BD, de Comics et de Mangas. Avec plus de 23.500 fiches BDs résumant et analysant les parutions internationales, 600 interviews, 500 préviews, 320 comptes rendus d’expositions / salons, 200 galeries de croquis, des concours, Sceneario.com est un site de référence et un incontournable du monde de la Bande Dessinée.

www.schnitt.de 14/03/2015 Schnitt Online. Das Filmmagazin im Internet: wöchentlich Kritiken zu aktuellen Kinostarts, Rezensionen zu DVD-Neuerscheinungen, Büchern und Festivals, Interviews, Kalender, täglicher TV-Tip und Dr. Film zu Fragen aus dem Filmbereich.

www.schnitt.de/202,2709,01.html 21/09/2015 PORTRAIT OF A LADY. USA 1996. R: Jane Campion. B: Laura Jones. K: Stuart Dryburgh. S: Veronika Jenet. M: Wojciech Kilar. D: Nicole Kidman, John Malkovich, Barbara Hershey, Mary-Louise Parker u.a. 142 Min. PolyGram ab 9.1.97.

www.schnitt.de/202,2891,01.html 14/03/2015 Washington Square, USA 1997. Filme. Schnitt Online

www.schnitt.de/202.html 14/03/2015 Filme. Schnitt Online.

www.schoah.org/index.htm 02/04/2016 Holocaust - Schoah - der Massenmord an den Juden Europas.

www.schopenhauer.org/index2.html 13/10/2016 日本ショーペンハウアー協会.

www.sciencedirect.com/science/journal/09505849 26/05/2017 Information and Software Technology.

www.sciencedirect.com/science/journal/09521976 26/05/2017 Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence.

www.sciencedirect.com/science/journal/09535438 27/05/2017 Interacting with Computers.

www.sciencedirect.com/science/jrnlallbooks 06/03/2017 Browse titles in journals and book content beginning with "ALL". Publications: 30062 titles found. ScienceDirect.

www.sciencegems.com 30/12/2013 Great links to Great Science Resources. For students, parents, teachers, scientists, engineers and mathematicians. More than 14,000 Science Resources sorted by Category, Subcategory, and Grade Level.

www.sciencemag.org 02/04/2016 Science has been at the center of important scientific discovery since its founding in 1880—with seed money from Thomas Edison. Today, Science continues to publish the very best in research across the sciences, with articles that consistently rank among the most cited in the world. In the last half century alone, Science published: The entire human genome for the first time. Never-before seen images of the Martian surface. The first studies tying AIDS to human immunodeficiency virus.

www.sciencemuseum.org.uk 23/05/2017 Science Museum, London. As the home of human ingenuity, we aim to inspire visitors with award-winning exhibitions, iconic objects and stories of incredible scientific achievement. Striving to be the best place in the world for people to enjoy science, the Science Museum's world-class collection forms an enduring record of scientific, technological and medical achievements from across the globe.

www.scientificamerican.com 27/05/2016 Scientific American, the longest continuously published magazine in the U.S., has been bringing its readers unique insights about developments in science and technology for more than 170 years. In 1845, Rufus Porter founded the publication as a weekly broadsheet subtitled "The Advocate of Industry and Enterprise, and Journal of Mechanical and Other Improvements." A restless inventor, Porter soon turned to other ventures, and after 10 months sold Scientific American - for the sum of $800 - to Orson Desaix Munn and Alfred Ely Beach.

www.scilogs.com/chemical_calisthenics 23/04/2015 Chemical Calisthenics. A random walk through chemistry-related topics and the joys and pains of research. I am a Professor of Chemistry at the Pennsylvania State University. I am also a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). My research interests encompass synthetic and mechanistic organotransition metal chemistry; homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis; environmental chemistry; polymer chemistry; nanotechnology.

www.scisoftware.com 27/05/2017 Scientific Software Group (SSG) is an international leader in providing state-of-the-art software for environmental and water-resources engineers. SSG provides environmental software, groundwater software, groundwater modeling software, surfacewater software, air pollution software, geotechnical software, borehole logging software and more!. SSG is committed to customer service by addressing our customer’s questions, anticipating their needs, and delivering what we promise – every time.

www.scmp.com/frontpage/international 09/01/2016 Headquartered in Hong Kong, the SCMP Group comprises a diversified portfolio of businesses that deliver news, information and entertainment across many platforms to the people of Hong Kong, China and the world. The South China Morning Post, the Group’s founding company, began operations in November 1903. With the acquisition of TVE in 1996, a magazine and book publishing enterprise, the SCMP Group was established. The South China Morning Post has developed an enviable reputation for authoritative, influential and independent reporting on Hong Kong, China and the rest of Asia. Available in print, mobile, tablets and online through scmp.com and e-reader editions, the newspaper reaches a global audience with daily breaking news, analysis and opinion, multimedia articles and interactive forums.

www.scotiabank.com/ca/en/0,,2,00.html 23/05/2017 Scotiabank is a leading multinational financial services provider and Canada's most international bank. We provide innovative financial products and services to individuals, small and medium-size businesses, corporations and governments across Canada and around the world.

www.scotsman.com 05/02/2016 Scottish perspective on news, sport, business, lifestyle, food and drink and more, from Scotland's national newspaper, The Scotsman.

www.scotsman.com/news/davis-by-election-bid-is-just-first-salvo-in-freedom-campaign-1-1433966 01/12/2016 14/June/2008. Davis by-election bid is just first salvo in 'freedom campaign'. DAVID Davis's by-election campaign on the issue of 42 days will be just the first salvo in a major "freedom" campaign led by the former shadow home secretary.

www.scsp.arts.gla.ac.uk 17/03/2016 The Sydney Cyprus Survey Project worked in the northern Troodos foothills of central Cyprus from 1992 to 1998. This area forms the zone where the sedimentary agricultural plain meets the igneous Pillow Lavas, where copper has been mined since the Bronze Age. The project established a systematic, intensive survey methodology on a broad interdisciplinary basis: specialists working with SCSP included not just archaeologists and archaeometallurgists but geomorphologists, a geobotanist, historians, an ethnographer, historical archaeologists, and GIS experts. This allowed us to understand the landscape in all its physical, economic and social aspects, at all periods from Early Prehistory to the present day.

www.scsp.arts.gla.ac.uk/Phorades 17/03/2016 Copper-bearing ore deposits in the Troodos Mountains that occupy most of central and western Cyprus have been worked repeatedly over the past four thousand years. During Cyprus’s Early and Middle Bronze Ages (about 2500-1700 BC), advances in metallurgical technology become apparent in a range of mold-cast, copper-based tools, weapons, and jewelry. Geochemical and isotopic analyses conducted on several of these artifacts reveal that they were consistent with production from Cypriot copper ores; if these analyses are correct, they offer good evidence for the first extensive use of Cyprus’s extensive copper ore resources.

www.scu.edu 21/11/2015 Santa Clara University, a comprehensive Jesuit, Catholic university located in California's Silicon Valley, offers its more than 8,000 students rigorous undergraduate curricula in arts and sciences, business, and engineering, plus master's, Ph.D., and law degrees. Distinguished nationally by the fourth-highest graduation rate among all U.S. master's universities, California's oldest operating higher-education institution demonstrates faith-inspired values of ethics and social justice.

www.sdjewishworld.com 27/01/2017 San Diego Jewish World.

www.seabee.info 21/11/2015 Steinar's Hangar. Republic Seabee STOL. Twin Bee. Trident Trigull. Thurston Teal. DHC-3 Otter. DHC-6 Twin Otter. Helicopters 719 Squadron Norway.

www.seanet.com/~jimxc/Politics 25/10/2016 Jim Miller on Politics.

www.seanlahman.com/2014/08/index-of-online-baseball-guides 20/04/2017 Index of Online Baseball Guides. BY SEAN LAHMAN – AUGUST 20, 2014. Although statistical based newspaper and magazine articles had appeared before, the first known baseball guide made its appearance in 1859: the Base Ball Player’s Pocket Companion published by Mayhew and Baker. In the 150 years that have followed, these annual baseball guides have been one of the most important primary sources for baseball researchers.

www.searchtruth.com 02/09/2016 SearchTruth is a non-profit website aimed at utilizing the latest technologies to develop the Islamic Softwares. SearchTruth is providing all the data as accurately as possible but if you notice any error or want to suggest any improvement then please send us your feedback. All the Softwares are 100% FREE in SearchTruth website. You may share this website with your friends, relatives and colleagues.

www.seattletimes.com/business/microsoft 14/02/2016 Read all the latest news about Microsoft from Matt Day and The Seattle Times business staff.

www.sebastianschutyser.com 10/01/2017 Belgian photographer Sebastian Schutyser was born in Bruges in 1968, and grew up in Congo. He took a degree in political science at the University of Ghent, and studied photography at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in the same town. The relation between our natural environment and the spiritual footprint of humankind is an important element in his work. This clearly shows in his ‘Adobe Mosques of Mali’, for which he received international acclaim and the support of The Aga Khan Trust for Culture.

www.sebastianschutyser.com/engels/ermita-01.html 10/01/2017 Nuestra Señora de los Dolores (Monflorite).

www.secret-bases.co.uk 09/02/2016 SECRET-BASES. UK Government's MoD facilities and military establishments revealed using maps, aerial photos, Google Earth & Street View!.

www.security-audit.com 18/03/2017 Security Audit Systems offer managed security services and penetration testing to businesses worldwide. We are a cyber security and ethical hacking/penetration testing company based in London, UK. We have a portfolio of international clients, varying from small to medium sized companies to multinationals operating in countries such as the USA, UK, France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, India, Russia and China. Businesses across the world come to us to have their websites and web facing networking equipment tested against the latest security vulnerabilities. We are specialists in website penetration testing and website security testing.

www.security-audit.com/penetration-testing-tools 18/03/2017 Online penetration testing tools and ethical hacking tools. The ultimate hacking tool suite for penetration testers by Security Audit Systems.

www.securitybydefault.com 09/08/2016 SECURITYBYDEFAULT. Después de mucho tiempo hablando sobre la posibilidad de crear un blog íntegramente sobre seguridad informática, nos hemos decidido a ponernos en marcha y crear un espacio donde poder compartir experiencias y hablar de los aspectos técnicos relacionados con la seguridad informática.

www.securitywizardry.com 30/12/2013 Talisker’s Network Security Tools - Talisker’s Intrusion Detection System List.

www.seeart.co.uk 02/08/2017 Welcome to SeeArt, where I display my currently available paintings on the web. I live in Mid Wales, a beautiful and very quiet part of Britain. My work is inspired by the landscapes surrounding me, the rugged coastlines of Pembrokeshire, Brittany, and mountainous Southern Spain. I have spent much of my life in Shropshire and Wales. I moved to Brighton in 1988 to do a Degree in Fine Arts at Brighton College of Art, after which I moved back to Mid Wales where I now live with my partner and our 6 year old son. There has been much diversity in my working life away from art, but in the last year I have come back to painting.

www.segabg.com 03/02/2016 "Сега" е политически и икономически независим, частен национален всекидневник. Той излиза от 1997 г. Негов издател е "Сега" АД. Вестникът се разпространява шест дни в седмицата (без неделя). От понеделник до петък излиза в 24 страници, а в събота - в 56 страници. В делничното издание акцентът е върху актуалната информация от деня и аналитичните материали за проблемите на обществото, за политика, икономика, култура и спорт. Съботното издание е по-развлекателно. На страниците му има богата познавателна и практическа информация за пътувания, развлечения, почивка, любопитни истории. Веднъж месечно с него безплатно се разпространява и луксозно списание "Туризъм".

www.seguridadjabali.com 10/08/2016 Seguridad Informática "A lo Jabalí ..." Blog de Seguridad Informatica y Hacking en Asturias.

www.senado.gob.mx/index.php 14/04/2016 El Senado de los Estados Unidos Mexicanos támbien llamada Cámara de Senadores del Honorable Congreso de la Unión. Uno de los antecedentes importantes del Senado mexicano lo podemos localizar durante el desarrollo de las Cortes de Cádiz, que culminarían en la Constitución que regiría tanto para la Monarquía Española, como para los territorios que se encontraban bajo su dominio. En el proceso de los debates de la Constitución de Cádiz, distintos proyectos incluían la existencia de un Poder Legislativo integrado por dos Cámaras, donde una haría las veces de Cámara alta, semejante al modelo Británico.

www.senckenberg.de 29/06/2016 Die Senckenberg Gesellschaft für Naturforschung wurde bereits 1817 von engagierten Frankfurter Bürgern als Senckenbergische Naturforschende Gesellschaft gegründet. Heute ist sie eine der wichtigsten Forschungseinrichtungen rund um die biologische Vielfalt und mit dem Frankfurter Haus eines der größten Naturkundemuseen Europas. Die Senckenberg Gesellschaft für Naturforschung (SGN) ist Träger der sechs Senckenberg Forschungsinstitute und der drei Naturkundemuseen.

www.senckenberg.de/root/index.php?page_id=4774 29/06/2016 Senckenberg Naturhistorische Sammlungen Dresden - Japanisches Palais. Beinahe jedes Kind kennt die Dinosaurier, die vor rund 160 Millionen Jahre über die Erde herrschten. Weniger bekannt ist aber, dass nicht jeder Saurier ein Dinosaurier ist. Während die Dinosaurier als Landwirbeltiere ausschließlich auf dem Festland lebten, beherrschten Saurier alle Lebensräume: Luft und Land ebenso wie Süß- und Salzwasser. An die jeweilige Umgebung perfekt angepasst, konnten sie sich gleitend, fliegend, laufend und schwimmend fortbewegen.

www.senckenberg.de/root/index.php?page_id=5247 29/06/2016 Willkommen im Senckenberg Naturmuseum Frankfurt. Das Senckenberg Naturmuseum ist eines der großen Naturkundemuseen in Deutschland und zeigt die heutige Vielfalt des Lebens (Biodiversität) und die Entwicklung der Lebewesen (Evolution) sowie die Verwandlung unserer Erde über Jahrmillionen hinweg. Neue Forschungsergebnisse aus allen Bereichen der Biologie, Paläontologie und Geologie werden vorgestellt.

www.senckenberg.de/root/index.php?page_id=5254 29/06/2016 Museum Görlitz. Das Naturkundemuseum Görlitz vereint zweihundert Jahre Sammlungs- und Forschungsgeschichte. Die modernen Ausstellungen im zentral am Marienplatz gelegenen Gebäude laden zu einer Erlebnisreise in die faszinierende Welt der Natur ein - von der Lausitz bis in die Tropen und vom heimischen Boden bis ins Korallenriff. Sie vermitteln aktuelle Forschungsinhalte aus der Arbeit der Wissenschaftler des Museums.

www.senderi.org 19/03/2017 Senderi és un espai virtual especialitzat en educació en valors. Formalment, Senderi, educació en valors, és una associació que es va crear el 1998 amb la voluntat d'establir un marc de col·laboració entre persones que tenen interès comú en el camp de l'educació en valors. Va néixer sota l'impuls de la Fundació Serveis de Cultura Popular, vinculada a la Fundació Jaume Bofill que la va rellevar, i el GREM (Grup de Recerca en Educació Moral de la Universitat de Barcelona) amb l'objectiu de generar una xarxa de persones, institucions i entitats que coordinessin els seus esforços en una plataforma de reflexió conjunta que fes difusió d'aportacions teòriques, de bones pràctiques de treball i de recursos didàctics entorn de l'àmbit dels valors.

www.sepc.cat 02/11/2016 El Sindicat d’Estudiants dels Països Catalans (SEPC) som l’organització estudiantil de l’esquerra independentista, nascuda arran de la fusió de les organitzacions estudiantils Alternativa Estel i la Coordinadora d’Estudiants dels Països Catalans (CEPC). Treballem amb voluntat d’esdevenir l’eina de totes les estudiants dels Països Catalans per la seva autoorganització, formació i presa de consciència en la defensa dels nostres drets com a estudiants i persones.

www.ser.org 09/09/2014 The Society for Ecological Restoration (SER) is a non-profit organization comprised of individuals and partner organizations from around the world who are actively engaged in the repair and recovery of degraded ecosystems utilizing a broad array of experiences, knowledge sets, and cultural perspectives. SER members include scientists, planners, administrators, consultants, indigenous peoples, landscape architects, teachers, artists, engineers, natural resource managers, farmers/growers, community leaders, and volunteers. Founded in 1987, SER now has members and partners in more than 60 nations with chapters and networks serving states, provinces and regions of North America, Europe, Latin America, and Australia. SER is also working actively to expand its presence in Asia and Africa.

www.serendipity.li 02/09/2016 Serendipity first went online in April 1996. It is the work of one person, Peter Meyer, and it contains his writings on topics of interest to him (and hopefully to others) and also the writings of many other people. From its earliest beginnings it has had sections on Maria Callas, Psychedelics, Censorship, the "War on Drugs", Common Errors (in English usage), Ganesh Baba (the psychedelic swami), the Waco Massacre, Liberty & Democracy, William Bramley's book The Gods of Eden, and the CIA.

www.serendipity.li/cia/bay-of-pigs.htm 06/09/2016 The Bay of Pigs Revisited by Michael D. Morrissey. "... it looks as if the CIA sabotaged its own operation". "... the bungling on the part of the CIA top echelon was so extreme that it must have been deliberate".

www.serralves.pt/pt 21/11/2015 O enquadramento do Museu de Arte Contemporânea foi definido pela criação da Fundação de Serralves em 1989. Em 1991, o premiado arquiteto Álvaro Siza Vieira foi convidado a projetar o novo museu nos espaços da Quinta de Serralves. Em 1996, tiveram início a construção do edifício e a elaboração do programa museológico, tendo nesse ano o Conselho de Administração da Fundação nomeado Vicente Todolí para primeiro Diretor Artístico do Museu e João Fernandes, seu Diretor Adjunto.

www.serrats.com/eu 08/08/2016 "Serrats" Kontserba Enpresa. 1890ean, Jose Serrats industrialki Bermeon ezartzen da, Kantauriko itsas produktuen freskotasun eta zaporea kontserbatzeko eta urrutiko lekuetara eramateko gogoz. Arrainaren kalitatearen laguntzarekin, Frantziatik etorritako kontserba teknika berriak ezartzen ditu, bere produktuak merkatu europearretara arin zabalduz. 1914tik aurrera, "Hijos de José Serrats, S.A." merkatu iparamerikarrera esportatzen hasten da.

www.servage.net 02/04/2016 Founded in 1998 under a different name Servage Hosting is well established, financial independent and extremely experienced in the hosting industry. We currently host 163915 websites and got plenty of room for your website also!.Our new corporate name resulted from the words: "Serve" and "Age", that when combined (almost) spell our proud name. It is our goal to serve our customers while always keeping our systems up-to-date with the most modern technologies.

www.serveriai.lt 23/03/2016 UAB "Interneto vizija" įkurta 2003 metais su tikslu padėti klientams įsikurti ir būti matomais internete. Esame subūrę nedidelį, tačiau draugišką ir profesionaliai dirbantį kolektyvą, todėl galime pasiūlyti aukščiausios kokybės domenų registravimo, svetainių talpinimo bei serverių nuomos paslaugas itin konkurencingomis kainomis. Mūsų paslaugų pranašumu jau įsitikino 89 253 įmonės bei privatūs asmenys, o klientų ratas kasmet auga.

www.serverintellect.com 18/03/2017 Server Intellect is a team of committed Server Experts, Systems Engineers, Server Administrators, and Support Technicians who truly Love Helping Our Customers. We feel that our “job” is to not only be the Server Experts, but also to provide a level of service that is unmatched in today’s market. These are not simply words, these are our standards, our promise, and our commitment to you. In a world where profits are above anything else, and minimal customer service is the status-quo, we take pride in doing things differently, and we guarantee you will notice the Server Intellect Difference.

www.setac.org 03/03/2014 SETAC is a not-for-profit, global professional organization comprised of some 5,500 individual members and institutions from academia, business and government. Since 1979, the Society has provided a forum where scientists, managers and other professionals exchange information and ideas on the study, analysis and solution of environmental problems, the management and regulation of natural resources, research and development, and environmental education.

www.setasdealava.es 10/04/2015 Guia de setas de Alava, recetas y articulos.

www.setasguarena.blogspot.com 10/04/2015 Setas de Guareña.

www.setmanaciencia.org 29/04/2014 Benvinguts al web de la 18a Setmana de la Ciència!. Del 15 al 24 de novembre se celebrarà a Catalunya la 18a Setmana de la Ciència. Durant la Setmana de la Ciència se celebraran tot un munt d’activitats de divulgació científica arreu del nostre territori. Jornades de portes obertes, exposicions, xerrades, jocs, tallers científics... tot un ventall de possibilitats al teu abast. Els temes centrals de l'edició d'enguany són l’estadística, l’aigua i Einstein amb motiu de la celebració, aquest 2013, de l’Any Internacional de l’Estadística, l’Any Internacional de la Cooperació en l’Esfera de l’Aigua i la commemoració del 90è aniversari de la visita d’Albert Einstein a Catalunya.

www.setmanaridirecta.info 03/04/2014 La Directa neix com a projecte d'informació alternativa l'any 2006, promogut per persones que, des de fa anys, treballem en col·lectius de contrainformació i comunicació popular. A l'inici, la Directa neix amb l'objectiu principal de ser un setmanari pensat, dirigit i sostingut des dels moviments socials i per als moviments socials, davant la constatació que en l’última dècada hi ha hagut un creixement sostingut i notable dels moviments socials rupturistes. A nivell mundial, amb tota l’onada antiglobalitzadora, o a casa nostra, amb la creació i el desenvolupament de noves iniciatives i lluites: okupacions, assemblees de joves i estudiants, casals i ateneus, plataformes en defensa del territori, cooperatives de consum, grups de solidaritat, etc.

www.sfmoma.org 03/01/2016 SFMOMA is dedicated to making the art of our time a vital and meaningful part of public life. For that reason we assemble unparalleled collections, create exhilarating exhibitions, and develop engaging public programs. In all of these endeavors, we are guided by our enduring commitment to fostering creativity and embracing new ways of seeing the world.

www.sfmoma.org/artists-artworks 03/01/2016 Artists + Artworks. We are committed to exploring the new, the challenging, and the unexpected. From our internationally recognized and rapidly growing collection of more than thirty thousand artworks to our innovative film and performance programs, SFMOMA has continuously advanced the interpretation, presentation, and preservation of modern and contemporary art — embracing its connection to the world around us.

www.sge.org 29/09/2015 La Sociedad Geográfica Española nació en 1997 por iniciativa de un grupo heterogéneo de personas unidas en su interés por la geografía y los viajes. Desde su fundación, la Sociedad Geográfica Española trabaja activamente organizando conferencias, cursos, seminarios, mesas redondas, tertulias periódicas, viajes, excursiones, visitas culturales, proyecciones de cine, vídeos o diapositivas, exposiciones, presentaciones de libros y viajes, y otros actos abiertos al público, pero con preferencia para los Miembros de la Sociedad, y que corren a cargo de expertos en los diferentes temas. Cada año la Sociedad Geográfica Española entrega los Premios SGE, que cubren diferentes ámbitos de la Cultura y la Investigación, siempre en relación con los objetivos de la Sociedad Geográfica Española.

www.shakuhachi.com 05/07/2016 Shakuhachi-Traditional Japanese Bamboo Flutes. Traditional Musical Instruments of Japan used for zen Buddhist meditation, classical, jazz & folk music. Complete resource for shakuhachi, the traditional Japanese bamboo flute including instruments, playing guides, craft manuals, book, sheet music, recordings, teacher directory, bamboo and flutes around the world.

www.shakuhachi.com/TOC-Bamboo.html 05/07/2016 Bamboo Resources.

www.sharewareebooks.com 08/01/2014 Sharewareebooks.com features and wide selection of eBooks. Ebooks are electronic books which are sold via the internet.

www.sharpweb.org/main 13/10/2016 The Society for the History of Authorship, Reading and Publishing was founded to create a global network for book historians working in a broad range of scholarly disciplines. Research addresses the composition, mediation, reception, survival, and transformation of written communication in material forms from marks on stone to new media. Perspectives range from the individual reader to the transnational communication network.

www.sheepscreek.com/recipe.html 14/05/2016 Sheep's Creek Farm Lamb Recipes.

www.shefforddaa.org.uk 17/10/2016 SDAA controls the fishing rights on several excellent lakes and premier stretches of the rivers Great Ouse, Ivel and its tributaries in and around Bedfordshire, all available on a single club ticket. The wide choice of venues and species available cater for both pleasure anglers and specimen hunters.

www.sheffordtown.co.uk 17/10/2016 Welcome to Shefford Town Council's website. Shefford is a lively small market town with many advantages for those who live here. It is situated in Bedfordshire, approximately 50 miles North of London, midway between the A1 and the M1 trunk roads. Shefford has two rail lines within easy reach and an excellent bus service to Hitchin and Bedford.

www.shimonoseki-cu.ac.jp 16/08/2014 Shimonoseki City University.

www.shopofphantoms.com/rhino/Pulsar/de_DE.Shop.displayShop.1./home 11/03/2017 Auf unserer Webseite findet Ihr hoch qualitative Produkte rund um die Militärfliegerei – von A wie AirDOC, über W wie Wingman Models, von B wir Bücher bis Z wie Zubehör. Getreu unserem Motto "Von Enthusiasten – für Enthusiasten" wollen wir für Euch da sein und Euch Eure unausgesprochenen Wünsche 'online' erfüllen. Viel Spaß beim Stöbern wünscht Euch. Euer 'Shop of Phantoms'/AirDOC und Wingman Models Team.

www.shorpy.com 30/07/2017 Shorpy. History in HD is a vintage photography blog featuring thousands of high-definition images from the 1850s to 1950s. The site is named after Shorpy Higginbotham, a teenage coal miner who lived 100 years ago. Our holdings include hundreds of glass and film negatives/transparencies that we've scanned ourselves; in addition, many other photos on this site were extracted from reference images (high-resolution tiffs) in the Library of Congress research archive.

www.shutmymouth.com/html/creole_recipes.html 31/03/2016 The History of Creole Cooking: Traditional Creole cooking has its beginnings in the 18th century. French colonists settled in the rich Mississippi Delta area, bringing with them over six centuries of culinary expertise. Spanish colonists settled the region half a century earlier, and had already introduced peppers, spices, and seasonings from the Caribbean, Mexico, and Latin America into the native Louisiana Indian cuisine. Gradually, the separate cuisines intermingled, and Creole cooking -- a blend of Spanish, French, African-American, and Louisiana native Indian cuisine --was born.

www.sia.aviation-civile.gouv.fr 14/05/2016 Le Service de l’Information Aéronautique (SIA) est le service central de la Direction des Services de la Navigation Aérienne de la Direction Générale de l’Aviation Civile, chargé de rendre les services d'information aéronautique nécessaires à la sécurité, à la régularité et à l'efficacité de la navigation aérienne nationale et internationale, dans les zones de responsabilité française, en métropole et outre-mer. Les services d’information aéronautique sont définis au plan international par la réglementation édictée par l’Organisation de l’Aviation Civile Internationale (OACI).

www.siam.org 19/12/2016 The Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) is an international community of over 14,000 individual members. Almost 500 academic, manufacturing, research and development, service and consulting organizations, government, and military organizations worldwide are institutional members. SIAM fosters the development of applied mathematical and computational methodologies needed in these various application areas. Applied mathematics in partnership with computational science is essential in solving many real-world problems. Through publications, research, and community, the mission of SIAM is to build cooperation between mathematics and the worlds of science and technology.

www.sibagu.com/china/index.html 02/08/2014 Glossary of Bird names of China, in Chinese (Mainland and Taiwan), English, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, and Mongolian.

www.sigmaaldrich.com/chemistry/chemical-synthesis/learning-center/aldrichimica-acta.html 02/09/2016 Aldrichimica Acta. For 48+ years, the Aldrichimica Acta has been an open-access, international forum for the frontiers of chemical research. Topical and timely reviews, written by prominent chemists from around the world, cover a variety of topics usually based on a synthetic theme involving organic, organometallic, or bio-organic chemistry.

www.signet.pl 26/04/2016 Centrum Certyfikacji Signet (CC Signet) to działająca w ramach Orange Polska wyspecjalizowana jednostka, odpowiedzialna za utrzymanie rozwiązań ochrony kryptograficznej. Aktualnie w gestii CC Signet leży obsługa systemów PKI dla usług Bezpieczna Poczta (usługa korporacyjna świadczona dla Orange Polska i partnerów biznesowych) oraz Business Everywhere Intranet (usługa komercyjna świadczona klientom Orange Polska).

www.sigourneyweaver.prv.pl 26/04/2016 Sigourney Weaver czyli dzielna Ellen Ripley.

www.sikorsky.com/Index 05/04/2014 Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation is a world leader in the design, manufacture and service of military and commercial helicopters; fixed-wing reconnaissance aircraft; spare parts and maintenance, repair and overhaul services for helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft; and civil helicopter operations.

www.silab.it 05/06/2017 Si.Lab srl è un editore elettronico indipendente ed un centro di eccellenza per lo sviluppo di applicazioni e software multimediali per istituzioni, enti, aziende. La società nasce nel 1988 da un’intuizione di Francesco e Antonella Mizzau sulle potenzialità delle nuove tecnologie in campo culturale. Da allora non ha mai tradito la propria vocazione etica e multiculturale sviluppando prodotti, fortemente connotati in senso etico e multiculturale.

www.silab.it/frox/200 05/06/2017 Il Duecento è un archivio che raccoglie testi della poesia italiana antica, del periodo che va dalle origini fino a Dante. Nel corso degli ultimi anni, ho raccolto un grande corpus testuale, probabilmente il più grande archivio del genere, e comunque l'unico disponibile in rete. Per la cronaca, segnalo che l'archivio comprende oggi quasi 200 autori tra maggiori, minori e minimi, per un totale approssimativo di 2.400 opere, 85.000 versi, 350.000 parole 3.000.000 di caratteri.

www.silab.it/frox/p101 05/06/2017 The Olivetti Programma 101 is an early desktop programmable calculator. It was developed in the years 1962-1964, and launched in the States in october 1965, with the first units being shipped a few months later. It had a very large success, due to its relatively modest price ($3.200) and in a few years about 35.000-40.000 pieces were sold. It went on being sold for a few and was still in large use at the beginning of the '70s, when it offered a viable alternative to larger computers.

www.sinasohn.com/clascomp 06/07/2016 Uncle Roger's Classic Computers offers a look at a collection of interesting and significant computers from the past and present.

www.sincomentarios.net/fotolog 23/01/2016 Sin comentarios. Fotolog. Alfred Iniesta.

www.sindic.cat/ca/page.asp 29/09/2015 El Síndic té la funció d'atendre les queixes de totes les persones que es troben desemparades davant l'actuació o la manca d'actuació de les administracions. Vetlla pel bon funcionament de l'Administració de la Generalitat i dels ens locals de Catalunya, com ara els ajuntaments, les diputacions o els consells comarcals. Per tant, actua com a supervisor i col·laborador de l'Administració catalana, amb l'objectiu d'ajudar a millorar-ne el funcionament. A més de treballar amb les administracions, el Síndic comença a actuar també en la supervisió de les empreses privades que presten serveis d'interès públic, com ara la llum, la telefonia, l'aigua, el gas, el servei postal, etc.

www.sindicat.net 29/09/2015 USTEC-STEs Sindicat Ensenyament. Un sindicat actiu amb implantació als diversos àmbits i sectors educatius, amb més de trenta cinc anys de treball sindical i presència efectiva a totes les comarques catalanes, defensant la millora de les condicions laborals i professionals. Un sindicat, part cofundadora de la IAC (Intersindical Alternativa de Catalunya), que conjuntament amb altres està contribuint a conformar-la com a un projecte de futur. No només lluita per un model d'Ensenyament públic, de qualitat, democràtic, laic... sinó també per un tipus de societat no excloent, solidària, participativa... i amb una manera d'entendre el sindicalisme independent, responsable i obert, lluny del dirigisme, de la burocratització i la jerarquització. Al sindicat entenem que la participació activa de tota l'afiliació, no només del personal alliberat, en els òrgans de debat i decisió és fonamental per garantir els plantejaments de les actuacions i els posicionaments.

www.sindicatcos.cat 12/01/2016 La COORDINADORA OBRERA SINDICAL (COS) és una organització sindical que lluita per la defensa i millora dels interessos dels treballadors i les treballadores. La COS nasqué l'abril de 1987 i es declara hereva del sindicalisme de classe i nacional històric (SOC, CCTT, CSTC...) i de les diverses i plurals expressions que l'han encarnat.

www.sindicato.cl 10/01/2014 Sindicato de periodistas Diario El Mercurio.

www.sirt.com 04/05/2017 SIRT. Transforming technology into solutions. Grupo SIRT. Tu partner tecnológico.

www.siruela.com 04/05/2017 En 1982, Jacobo Fitz-James Stuart crea Ediciones Siruela. El proyecto editorial quería dar a conocer, en primeras traducciones modernas, las joyas olvidadas de la literatura medieval europea. Actualmente, Siruela ha publicado una nueva Biblioteca Medieval en tapa dura que reúne, en ediciones revisadas y aumentadas, los textos más importantes ya publicados junto a otros nuevos libros.

www.siruela.com/nuestrossellos.php 04/05/2017 Siruela es un sello independiente con dos características fundamentales en cuanto a sus contenidos: por un lado, su enorme amplitud de intereses que hacen estemos publicando libros de narrativa contemporánea española y extranjera, clásicos, ensayo filosófico, ensayo literario o artístico, no ficción, novela policiaca, literatura infantil y juvenil; y por otro, la búsqueda de la más alta calidad de estos contenidos, con el fin de hacer que estos lleguen a un publico lo más amplio posible sea cualquiera la forma (papel o digital) en que el lector, que siempre es nuestra prioridad, quiera recibirlos. Alevosía es el sello más reciente de Ediciones Siruela con el que buscamos abrirnos a nuevos lectores con una línea comercial que hasta ahora no habíamos desarrollado, o lo habíamos hecho de forma muy puntual, dentro de las distintas colecciones de Siruela. Alevosía abarca géneros, autores y temas más comerciales con títulos que pensamos puedan alcanzar de forma más clara al gran público: crossover, novela histórica, memoria y testimonio, thriller contemporáneo…, de forma que cada lector pueda encontrar el libro que busca dentro de alguno de nuestros sellos.

www.sirweb.org 12/01/2016 The Society of Interventional Radiology is a national organization of physicians, scientists and allied health professionals dedicated to improving public health through disease management and minimally invasive, image-guided therapeutic interventions.

www.sis.gov.uk 29/09/2015 The Secret Intelligence Service (SIS), often known as MI6, collects Britain's foreign intelligence. The Service is based at Vauxhall Cross in London. Its Chief is Alex Younger. SIS provides Her Majesty's Government with a global covert capability to promote and defend the national security and economic well-being of the United Kingdom. The Secret Intelligence Service (SIS) history has attracted a great deal of attention over the years. Popular images of derring do, the fascination with secrecy and the Service's clandestine work on matters of national importance have contributed towards an appetite for information on SIS past. The origins of the modern SIS lie in the decision made by the Committee for Imperial Defence in 1909 to create a Secret Service Bureau. This date marks the first time when Britain had a formally established and permanent intelligence service.

www.sjl.pe 16/08/2014 San Juan de Lurigancho: El distrito mas poblado del Peru. Toda la informacion del distrito de San Juan de Lurigancho, noticias, guia de empresas, avisos clasificados, foros, autoridades, colegios, entretenimiento, rock y mucho mas.

www.skanuj.pl 26/04/2016 Witam Państwa na stronie firmy Digital Design. Specjalizujemy się w wykonywaniu mistrzowskich fotorealistycznych wydruków oraz reprodukcji najwyższej jakości dla celów wystawiennictwa i dekoracyjno-reklamowych. Stale poszukujemy i wdrażamy rynkowe nowości na polu druku cyfrowego dzięki czemu również nasi Klienci są o krok przed konkurencja. Wysoką jakość wydruków gwarantują wieloletnie doświadczenie pracowników jak również regularnie kalibrowane nowoczesne urządzenia, na których pracujemy.

www.skeptic.com 07/10/2016 THE SKEPTICS SOCIETY is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) scientific and educational organization whose mission is to engage leading experts in investigating the paranormal, fringe science, pseudoscience, and extraordinary claims of all kinds, promote critical thinking, and serve as an educational tool for those seeking a sound scientific viewpoint. Our contributors—leading scientists, scholars, investigative journalists, historians, professors and teachers—are top experts in their fields.

www.skepticblog.org 07/10/2016 The Skeptics Society has retired Skepticblog (while preserving all posts online at their original urls for future reference), but we’re proud to announce our bigger, better new blog: INSIGHT at Skeptic.com! Dedicated to the spirit of curiosity and grounded in scientific skepticism’s useful, investigative tradition of public service, INSIGHT continues and expands upon the energetic conversations begun here at Skepticblog.

www.skyandtelescope.com 02/09/2016 Sky & Telescope. Astronomy News, Tools & Resources. Sky & Telescope magazine, founded in 1941 by Charles A. Federer Jr. and Helen Spence Federer, has the largest, most experienced staff of any astronomy magazine in the world. Its editors are virtually all amateur or professional astronomers, and every one has built a telescope, written a book, done original research, developed a new product, or otherwise distinguished him or herself.

www.skyraider.org/skyassn/index.htm 02/09/2016 The A-1 Skyraider Association. Online continuously for more than 17 years!

www.slavinja.prv.pl 26/04/2016 Słowianie, kultura, historia, język, alfabet, pochodzenie, bogowie.

www.sld.cu/instituciones/angiologia/indice.htm 11/04/2014 El Instituto Nacional de Angiología y Cirugía Vascular (INACV) está ubicado en las áreas que ocupa el Hospital "Salvador Allende". Somos un colectivo especializado de médicos, profesionales universitarios, técnicos y enfermeros con más de 30 años de experiencia acumulada, avalado por la más alta calificación científico-técnica y experiencia en distintas líneas de trabajo.

www.sld.cu/instituciones/cedisap/indice.htm 12/07/2016 CEDISAP, Centro de Desarrollo Informático para la Salud Pública, es una unidad del Sistema Nacional de Salud de la República de Cuba, creada en 1988 por la RESOLUCION MINISTERIAL # 293 de 1987, a partir del Centro de Cálculo Principal del Ministerio, con la misión principal de trazar la política nacional de introducción de la informática en el Sistema de Salud, así como el control de su ejecución.

www.slnet.town.satosho.okayama.jp 31/03/2016 里庄町立図書館. Satosho Town Public Library.

www.slp.org 14/02/2016 This is the official Web site of the Socialist Labor Party of America, the original political party of socialism in the United States. The SLP was established on a Marxist basis in 1890. This site includes facts about the SLP's history, its revolutionary principles and program, a definition of socialism, an SLP local directory and information about Daniel De Leon. It also includes online access to the SLP's official journal, The People, and a downloadable catalogue of books and pamphlets printed by the party's New York Labor News publishing arm, as well as online access to some of its printed materials.

www.sluzbazdrowia.com.pl 26/04/2016 SŁUŻBA ZDROWIA - POLISH MEDICAL JOURNAL. We are the oldest medical magazine on the Polish market. We specialize in health care management, health insurance, medical law and fi nance. “Służba Zdrowia” has a professional readership that includes GP’s, specialists, pharmacists, health care managers and politicians, pharmaceutical companies and equipment manufactures. The Polish medical market is in the process of dynamic transformation.

www.smaczny.pl 26/04/2016 Na naszej stronie znajdziesz przepisy kulinarne na ciasta, sałatki, dania główne i inne. Zdecydowaną większość przepisów zaopatrzyliśmy w czytelne zdjęcia, które ułatwią Ci ocenę danej potrawy. W gotowaniu strona wizualna dania jest przecież bardzo ważna. Najbardziej obszerną część smaczny stanowią przepisy na ciasta, torty, desery i inne słodkości. Mamy także sporo przepisów na sałatki, które mogą być hitem każdego przyjęcia. Na obiad polecamy przepisy na dania główne oraz zupy. Dobrym uzupełnieniem zawartości naszej strony są przepisy na przetwory i alkohole, które raz przygotowane możesz degustować przez cały rok.

www.smh.com.au/news/world/they-knew-but-did-nothing/2008/03/07/1204780065676.html 13/05/2016 They knew, but did nothing. March 8, 2008. Page 1 of 9, Single page. In this exclusive extract from his new book, Philip Shenon uncovers how the White House tried to hide the truth of its ineptitude leading up to the September 11 terrorist attacks.

www.smithsonianmag.com/photocontest 30/07/2017 Smithsonian Photo Contest. Submit your best photos, browse our archive and share your favorites from the Smithsonian Photo Contest.

www.smith-wesson.com 27/12/2015 Smith & Wesson. Horace Smith and Daniel B. Wesson came from old New England families. Horace learned the firearms trade while working at the National Armory in Springfield, Massachusetts. Daniel’s experience came from apprenticing with his brother Edwin Wesson, the leading maker of target rifles and pistols in the 1840s. The two men formed their first partnership in 1852 in Norwich, Connecticut, with the aim of marketing a lever action repeating pistol that could use a fully self-contained cartridge. This first pistol venture was not a financial success, and by 1854 the company was having financial difficulties.

www.smm.org.mx 03/07/2017 La Sociedad Matemática Mexicana es una asociación civil que se gesta durante el Primer Congreso Nacional de Matemáticas reunido en la ciudad de Saltillo, Coahuila, en noviembre de 1942 como una asociación de carácter cultural al servicio de la sociedad mexicana. Fue fundada por cincuenta años a partir del 30 de junio de 1943. El 12 de julio de 1993 extiende su periodo de existencia por cincuenta años más. Tiene su domicilio en la Ciudad de México, y tiene miembros de toda la República y del extranjero. La Sociedad ha organizado cuarenta y ocho Congresos Nacionales en diversas ciudades del país.

www.smplanet.com/teaching/imperialism 31/03/2016 The Age of Imperialism: An online History. This history unit covers United States expansionism around the turn of the century, with many links to related sites. During the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, the United States pursued an aggressive policy of expansionism, extending its political and economic influence around the globe. That pivotal era in the history of our nation is the subject of this online history.

www.smtu.ru/engver/index.html 31/03/2016 State Marine Technical University of St.Petersburg (MTU).

www.smtu.ru/index2.html 31/03/2016 Санкт-Петербургский Государственный Морской Технический Университет.

www.sniferl4bs.com 10/08/2016 Blog de Seguridad Informática, Pentesting en Windows, Linux, Programación.

www.snopes.com 02/09/2016 Welcome to snopes, the definitive Internet reference source for urban legends, folklore, myths, rumors, and misinformation.

www.snopes.com/rumors/rumors.asp 10/01/2016 Rumors of War. A listing of rumors associated with the terrorist attack on America.

www.socialistes.cat 20/03/2015 El PSC és dipositari d’uns valors que formen part de la tradició política de la Revolució Francesa i del Socialisme Democràtic: els valors de la llibertat, la igualtat i la solidaritat. Els socialistes pensem que una bona política ha de proporcionar una lògica explicativa a allò que es fa, ha d'assenyalar un objectiu a assolir, i dibuixar un camí de reformes per aconseguir-lo. Ha d'estar guiada, per tant, per uns valors que donen sentit a l'acció de la mateixa, configurant un relat sense el qual, no hi ha POLÍTICA més enllà de les polítiques.

www.sociology.org 09/06/2016 The Socjourn. A New Media Journal of Sociology and Society. Founded January 28th, 2010 and published by Lightning Path Press in St. Albert, AB, Canada, the Socjournal is a new media journal intended to offer sociologists, students, and the general public a window into the world of sociology.

www.socmicolmadrid.org 08/06/2017 La Sociedad Micológica de Madrid es una asociación sin ánimo de lucro, legalmente constituída, fundada en octubre de 1975. Ha sido declarada Asociación de Utilidad Pública. En la actualidad la integran 510 Socios, y la dirige una Junta Directiva de 13 personas, presidiéndola el Prof. Dr. D. Gabriel Moreno Horcajada, y siendo Vicepresidente D. Carlos Rey Marcos. El Prof. Dr. D. Francisco de Diego Calonge es Presidente de Honor. La sede social se halla en el Real Jardín Botánico aunque las actividades se realizan en la Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenieros Agrónomos de la Universidad Politécnica y en los locales cedidos por Madrid-Salud en Emigrantes, 20.

www.sodepaz.org 23/03/2017 SODePAZ como organización autónoma y autosostenible, integrada en redes y movimientos sociales, apoyada en y por una masa societaria activa, siendo un referente en la cooperación al desarrollo internacional, un movimiento social transformador y constructor de discurso y conciencia en cuanto a la intervención política local y un enlace entre el mundo de la solidaridad, la política de base y las ONGDs.

www.softcatala.org 27/05/2017 Softcatalà és una associació sense ànim de lucre registrada el 1998, l'objectiu bàsic de la qual és fomentar l'ús del català a la informàtica, Internet i les noves tecnologies. Softcatalà desenvolupa la seva activitat arreu dels Països Catalans amb normalitat. Softcatalà està format per estudiants, professionals i usuaris que abasten els camps propis d’una organització d’aquestes característiques: enginyers informàtics, filòlegs, dissenyadors i traductors que fan aquesta feina d’una manera altruista.

www.softcatala.org/diccionari-multilingue 27/05/2017 Diccionari multilingüe català que proporciona definicions i traduccions a l’anglès, alemany, francès, italià i espanyol.

www.solidarnosc.org.pl 27/04/2016 Niezależny Samorządny Związek Zawodowy „Solidarność” jest obecnie największą w Polsce organizacją pracowników. Nasza historia rozpoczęła się w 1980 r. kiedy robotnicy podjęli walkę o godne życie, o prawo do wyrażania swoich poglądów o wolność. W tamtych czasach za upominanie się o swoje prawa groziły represje. Dzięki odwadze i niezłomnej postawie tysięcy ludzi, których połączyła „Solidarność”, Polska odzyskała niepodległość. Dzisiaj podróżujemy po Europie bez granic, możemy studiować czy podejmować pracę w wielu krajach Unii Europejskiej, komunikujemy się ze światem bez żadnych ograniczeń.

www.solidarnosc.zgora.pl 27/04/2016 Solidarność: Region Zielonogórski.

www.sol-system.pl 27/04/2016 SOL-SYSTEM. Specjalizujemy sie w tworzeniu systemów bazodanowych w tym w szczególności systemów dla Spółdzielni Mieszkaniowych i firm zarzdzających nieruchomościami i wspólnotymi mieszkaniowymi. Tworzymy również systemy przenośne oparte o komputery marki PSION. Nasza wiedza opiera sie na wysoko wykwalifikowanych projektantach i informatykach bedących równiez pracownikami naukowymi Wydzialu Matematyki i Informatyki Uniwersytetu Adama Mickiewicza w Poznaniu.

www.someguywithawebsite.com 26/03/2017 August J. Pollak is best known as the artist and writer of the editorial cartoon Some Guy With a Website, which appeared in various online and print publications including the Los Angeles Times, CampusProgress.org, In These Times and The Huffington Post. He was also known for screaming incessantly about politics for nine years until he decided he should stop for his own mental well-being. He now writes humorous essays and anecdotes about pirates, time travel, dinosaurs, grave robbery, and his cats. Oh god does he talk about his cats.

www.someguywithawebsite.com 29/07/2014 Quzyphyr & Overboard by August J. Pollack.

www.somosprimos.com/sp2008/spjul08/burgos.htm 27/09/2016 Burgos, Tamaulipas. Crónica de un viaje en busca de mis ancestros maternos por Carlos Martín Herrera de la Garza.

www.sonofthesouth.net 09/06/2017 Welcome to The Civil War, the WEB's most extensive source of original Civil War resources. This site has over 7,000 pages of original Civil War content, and is full of incredible photographs, original illustrations, and eye-witness accounts of the defining moments of this Historic Struggle. Bookmark this site, as you will simply not find this information anywhere else! We have recently completed posting the complete run of Harper's Weekly newspapers from the Civil War. These papers give incredible insight into this important period of our history. We strive to provide invaluable source material for the serious student of the Civil War.

www.sonofthesouth.net/leefoundation/the-civil-war.htm 09/06/2017 The Civil War. Harper's Weekly Original Civil War Newspapers. We Believe that the most exciting way to study the Civil War, is to watch the war unfold on the pages of Original Harper's Weekly Newspapers. Harper's Weekly was the most popular newspaper during the Civil War, and it featured stunning illustrations, and in depth stories on all the important people and events of the war. Below, for your research and enjoyment, we present this work in progress. Presently 1861 through 1864 are completed, and the 1865 issues through May are complete.

Índice general. - http://www.s - www.s - 2 / 2

www.soriaromanica.es/es/portada 17/03/2017 La Consejería de Cultura y Turismo de la Junta de Castilla y León, a través de la Fundación Duques de Soria, con la colaboración de la Diócesis de Osma Soria, ha puesto en marcha este Plan de conservación, puesta en valor y divulgación del románico de la provincia de Soria. La Junta de Castilla y León financia este proyecto cultural con 6 millones de euros que se desarrollará entre los años 2007-2010. Soria Románica es el primer plan de intervención en patrimonio que se aplica por completo con los criterios y la metodología del Plan para el Patrimonio Histórico de Castilla y León (PAHIS), dentro de los denominados Sistemas Territoriales de Patrimonio (STP). Así Soria Románica se une a los proyectos del Románico Norte, de las provincias de Burgos y Palencia.

www.sos-childrensvillages.org 01/05/2017 SOS Children's Villages International comprises 117 national SOS Children's Villages associations. As members of the federation, each national SOS Children's Villages association is committed to applying the federation's statutes, standards for quality child care, and stringent financial and administrative practices. The first SOS Children’s Village was founded by Hermann Gmeiner in Tyrol, Austria, in 1949. As a child welfare worker, Gmeiner saw how children orphaned as a result of World War II suffered. He was committed to helping them by building loving families and supportive communities.

www.sosinstudiogallery.com 02/09/2016 Sosin And Sosin Studio Gallery. A studio and gallery by two outstanding Minnesota artists: Painter and sculptor Georgette Sosin and potter Henry Sosin. Located in NE Minneapolis.

www.soslynx.org 06/03/2014 The Iberian Lynx is Europe's only endemic feline and a "super-predator" in the Mediterranean Ecosystem in Spain and Portugal. If the Iberian Lynx went extinct, this would represent the first extinction of a feline species since the Saber Toothed Tiger (2,000-10,000 years ago) and would undermine wider nature conservation efforts in Spain and Portugal!. It would also be highly embarrassing for supposedly "environmentally-friendly" Europe, and would mark dangerous precedent in feline conservation world-wide.

www.sosmath.com 26/04/2014 S.O.S. MATHematics is your free resource for math review material from Algebra to Differential Equations!. The perfect study site for high school, college students and adult learners. Get help to do your homework, refresh your memory, prepare for a test, .... Browse our more than 2,500 Math pages filled with short and easy-to-understand explanations. Click on one of the following subject areas: Algebra, Trigonometry, Calculus, Differential Equations, Complex Variables, Matrix Algebra, or Mathematical Tables.

www.sosracisme.org 18/06/2016 SOS Racisme basa la seva actuació en la denúncia del racisme en totes les seves cares, entès com la discriminació i la segregació per raons de color de pell, d’origen, religioses o culturals. Ara bé, tenim en compte que la lluita contra el racisme no pot anar aïllada del context social si vol ser eficaç.

www.sosracismo.pt 18/12/2015 O SOS RACISMO existe desde 1990 e propõe uma sociedade mais justa, igualitária e intercultural onde todos, nacionais e estrangeiros com qualquer tom de pele, possam usufruir dos mesmos direitos de cidadania. Constituímos uma associação sem fins lucrativos, tendo-nos sido atribuído o estatuto de utilidade pública em 1996. Esforçamo-nos no sentido de colaborar com outras associações anti-racistas e de imigrantes a nível nacional. O SOS RACISMO desenvolve, igualmente, actividades e acções em conjunto com outras associações de países europeus, estando actualmente activamente envolvido numa rede anti-racista europeia, em conjunto com vários países da Europa.

www.southbankcentre.co.uk 25/02/2017 Southbank Centre is a world-famous, multi-venue arts centre in London, with a dynamic year-round festivals programme and an inclusive ethos. Southbank Centre is the UK’s largest arts centre, founded with the Festival of Britain in 1951. It’s a place where people experience world-class art and culture that stimulates, inspires, educates and amazes. Our festival programme encompasses art, theatre, dance, classical and contemporary music, literature and debate. It reaches 6.25 million people a year, and encompasses over 5,000 events featuring world-class artists from across the globe.

www.sp.nl 16/02/2016 De website van de Socialistische Partij (SP) in Nederland: Informatie, nieuws, agenda en publicaties.

www.spaceweather.com 08/02/2017 SpaceWeather. News and information about meteor showers, solar flares, auroras, and near-Earth asteroids.

www.spaceweather.com/aurora/gallery_24nov01.html 28/05/2016 Nov. 24, 2001 Aurora Gallery. Two fast-moving coronal mass ejections (CMEs) struck Earth's magnetic field around 0530 UT on Nov. 24th. The impacts spawned Northern Lights seen as far south as Arkansas and Texas in the United States. Sky watchers in New Zealand and Australia also saw Southern Lights!.

www.spaceweather.com/comets/gallery_mcnaught.php 28/05/2016 Comet McNaught swung by the Sun in mid-January 2007. Fierce solar heat turned it into the brightest comet in 40 years; for a few days it was actually visible in broad daylight! When McNaught emerged from the sun's glare into the skies of the Southern Hemisphere, the tail alone stopped traffic and was mistaken for a brush fire, an explosion, a mysterious cloud and probably many other things never reported. For photographers, it was the photo-op of a lifetime.

www.spaceweather.com/eclipses/gallery_15jun11.htm 28/05/2016 Sky watchers in six continents (all except North America) witnessed the longest lunar eclipse in 11 years on June 15, 2011, when Earth's shadow engulfed the Moon for a whopping 100 minutes.

www.spaceweather.com/eclipses/gallery_29mar06.htm 28/05/2016 On Wednesday, March 29, 2006, the moon passed in front of the sun producing a solar eclipse visible from parts of four continents: animated eclipse map.

www.spaceweathercenter.org 28/05/2016 The unique mission of the Space Science Institute (SSI) is to integrate scientific research with education and public outreach. Our research program includes earth science, space physics, planetary science, and astrophysics. SSI’s National Center for Interactive Learning (NCIL) develops science and technology exhibits for museums, science centers, and libraries; develops educational websites and software interactives; provides professional development for formal and informal educators; and conducts learning research and evaluation for the education community.

www.spainbirds.com/en 17/07/2017 We’ve now been working for 17 years on what started out as a small project called “Spainbirds”. Since then our company has been constantly moving on with the times, taking on new challenges and responding to the increasing demands of ever more numerous clients. The fruit of all these endeavours can be seen in our 2017 range of tours, and we hope we may meet you soon in one of them. We specialise in organising birding & nature trips throughout the whole of Spain especially Extremadura, Andalucia (over all Doñana, Strait of Gibraltar and Sierra Morena where some of the last few Iberian Lynx still survive), Pyrenees, Picos de Europa, Ebro Delta, Gredos Mountains and the “sierras”, lakes and woodland around Madrid. We are again running our traditinal Atlas & Deserts tour to Morocco which can be arranged linked to our Extremadura tour, ideal for long-distance travelers.

www.spainbirds.com/es 17/07/2017 Antes de nada, y a modo de presentación, comentarte que Spainbirds NO ES UNA ONG, aunque trabajamos y colaboramos con varias de estas entidades tanto a nivel nacional como a nivel internacional (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds – RSPB, American Birding Asociation – ABA, Sociedad Ornitológica de Basilea, Fundación Oso Pardo – FOP, Fundación para la Conservación del Quebrantahuesos – FCQ, Fondo de Amigos del Buitre – FAB, ADENEX, Acción para el Mundo Salvaje – AMUS…) aportando nuestro granito de arena en el estudio y la conservación de la Naturaleza. Spainbirds, es una agencia de viajes especializada en la observación y fotografía de fauna, principalmente aves, y no sólo de España, sino también de una buena parte del mundo.

www.spanisharts.com/books/literature/cancionero.htm 17/03/2017 Poesía medieval de cancionero h.1360-1520.

www.spanisharts.com/books/literature/lazarillo.htm 17/03/2017 Vida de Lazarillo de Tormes y de sus fortunas y adversidades. En 1554 la literatura española conoce cuatro ediciones de La vida de Lazarillo de Tormes y de sus fortunas y adversidades. Consistía en una carta mensajera o misiva, de tono jocoso, como las que enseñaban manuales de la época o practicaban Pietro Aretino, en italiano, Francisco López de Villalobos o Antonio de Guevara, en castellano. Su carácter ficticio admitía chistes y facecias que no iban más allá de la simple burla.

www.spanisharts.com/books/literature/prosamedieval.htm 24/06/2016 La prosa medieval española surge de varias circunstancias, entre las que destaca la creación de studia y universidades, de catedrales, de cancillerías en las cortes y de la renovación de la Iglesia, concretamente, de las reformas realizadas a partir del cuarto Concilio de Letrán (1215). Dicha prosa deriva de la oratio soluta latina, ya que la palabra podía designar en el siglo XIII a determinadas formas de lo que hoy consideramos verso.

www.sparkasse-dielsdorf.ch 10/05/2017 Bezirks-Sparkasse Dielsdorf. Als Regionalbank kennen wir uns in der Region bestens aus und sind deshalb in besonderer Weise mit unseren Bankkunden verbunden. In unserer Bank entscheiden beispielsweise über Kreditgesuche Kreditsachbearbeiter, Geschäftsleitung oder Verwaltungsrat. Im Gegensatz zu Grossinstituten wird jedoch in jedem Fall der Entscheid vor Ort in der Region getroffen. Diese persönliche Nähe zu unseren Kunden garantiert eine langfristig tragfähige Zusammenarbeit, die von gegenseitiger Offenheit und von Vertrauen geprägt ist.

www.sparknotes.com/lit/1984 26/05/2017 1984. George Orwell.

www.sparknotes.com/lit/absalom 26/05/2017 Absalom, Absalom! William Faulkner.

www.sparknotes.com/lit/afraidofwoolf 26/05/2017 Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? Edward Albee.

www.sparknotes.com/lit/afraidofwoolf/study.html 26/05/2017 Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? Edward Albee. Study Questions.

www.sparknotes.com/lit/ageofinnocence 26/05/2017 The Age of Innocence. Edith Wharton.

www.sparknotes.com/lit/alice 26/05/2017 Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Lewis Carroll.

www.sparknotes.com/lit/allquiet 26/05/2017 All Quiet on the Western Front. Erich Maria Remarque.

www.sparknotes.com/lit/allthepretty 26/05/2017 All the Pretty Horses. Cormac McCarthy.

www.sparknotes.com/lit/american 26/05/2017 The American. Henry James.

www.sparknotes.com/lit/animaldreams 26/05/2017 Animal Dreams. Barbara Kingsolver.

www.sparknotes.com/lit/animalfarm 26/05/2017 Animal Farm. George Orwell.

www.sparknotes.com/lit/annefrank 26/05/2017 Diary of a Young Girl. Anne Frank.

www.sparknotes.com/lit/beloved 26/05/2017 Beloved. Toni Morrison.

www.sparknotes.com/sparknotes 26/05/2017 Literature. Sort by Title.

www.speedtest.net 04/01/2015 Test your Internet connection bandwidth to locations around the world with this interactive broadband speed test.

www.spicegrenada.com 02/04/2016 SpiceGrenada. Grenada online, one Byte at a time!.

www.spike-jamie.com 16/01/2016 Spike’s & Jamie’s Recipe Collection. A huge collection of all types of recipes in a user friendly format. If it's breakfast, lunch dinner or anything in between - we have it.

www.spinozaeopera.net 15/12/2015 Association des amis de Spinoza.

www.spitfireale.co.uk 23/05/2017 Spitfire Kentish ale was first brewed in 1990 to celebrate the Battle of Britain which was fought in the skies above Kent 50 years earlier. The versatility of the aircraft and courage of its pilots were essential to victory.

www.spitfiremuseum.org.uk 08/04/2017 The Memorial Museum Building houses an ever increasing number of memorabilia, both military and civil, mainly from the 1939-45 World War II period and which are well worth viewing. The Spitfire Memorial Museum Building was officially opened on 13th June 1981 to house Spitfire TB752 and was the very first building to be erected on any RAF Station to house a gate-guardian aircraft. The Building cost some £30,000; the funding for this came from voluntary fund raising efforts and by donation from the people of Thanet. The Hurricane Memorial Museum Building was officially opened by Dame Vera Lynn on the 7th October, 1988 to house Hurricane LF751.

www.sportal.bg 24/01/2016 Футбол, спорт, спортни новини. Спорт, спортни новини. Футбол, тенис, волейбол, баскетбол и други спортове. Актуални спортни новини за Левски, ЦСКА, български и европейски футбол. Резултати на живо, анализи, статистика. Спортни видео новини.

www.spunk.org/texts/places/spain/sp001780/index.html 21/03/2016 The Friends of Durruti Group: 1937-1939. An online edition of an AK Press book about the Spanish Revolution.

www.squarespace.com 12/01/2016 EVERYTHING YOU NEED. Whether you need simple pages, striking galleries, a professional blog, or an online store, it's all included with your Squarespace website. Best of all, everything is mobile-ready right from the start.

www.sta.si 03/02/2016 V okviru splošnega servisa STAnovice je uporabnikom dnevno na voljo bogat izbor novic z vseh področij – od politike in gospodarstva do vsebin iz znanosti, tehnologije, kulture in športa, pa tudi iz kronike in zanimivosti. V povprečju na dan pripravimo več kot 300 novic. Servis ponuja hitre, kredibilne in celovite informacije, ki jih pripravlja več kot 80 novinarjev notranjepolitičnega, gospodarskega, zunanjepolitičnega, kulturnega in športnega uredništva STA ter dopisniki po Sloveniji in v tujini.

www.staff.amu.edu.pl/~filmik 14/03/2015 Zakład Badań nad Kulturą Filmową i Audiowizualną powstał w 1994 roku. Założycielem Zakładu była prof. dr hab. Małgorzata Hendrykowska, postać znana wszystkim filmoznawcom. Jej wkład do badań historycznych nad filmem, szczególnie na terenie Wielkopolski, pozostaje nieoceniony. Autorka pracy „Śladami tamtych cieni. Film w kulturze polskiej przełomu stulecia 1895–1914”, wniosła do badań historycznych nad filmem perspektywę kulturową, sytuując go na tle rozmaitych procesów społeczno-kulturowych zachodzących na przełomie stuleci.

www.standard.co.uk/goingout 16/08/2014 London Entertainment Guide from The Evening Standard. Full listings, reviews and tickets booking for London covering Film, Restaurants, Theatre, Comedy, Music, Art, Exhibitions, Showbiz, News and Sport.

www.st-andrews.ac.uk/maths 04/02/2016 History and overview of School. Our School was founded as a single separate entity in 1987, by merging the existing departments of Pure Mathematics, Applied Mathematics and Statistics. For a while in the 1990s it also included Computer Science, now a school in its own right. The School is a part of the ancient University of St Andrews (founded 1413), located on the scenic east coast of Scotland. It hosts a Regius Chair of Mathematics, established in 1668 for its first holder James Gregory (see right). Today we have over 30 academic staff, over 25 research staff, and 12 support staff. We offer a range of basic (BSc and MA) and advanced (MMath) courses in Mathematics and Statistics, a large number of joint degree courses, and several specialised taught postgraduate (MSc) courses.

www.stanzelmuseum.org 06/02/2017 The Stanzel Model Aircraft Museum. The main Museum features interactive exhibits and 30 static displays. The tour begins with a multimedia presentation showing the history of flight and how it passionately influenced Victor and Joe Stanzel. The factory wing of the Museum gives visitors an opportunity to experience the development and manufacturing of model aircraft in an era when aviation and rocket technology was in its infancy. Adjacent to the Museum is the historic home of Victor and Joe Stanzel’s grandparents, restored and furnished as it appeared in the late 1800s.

www.stargazing.net 23/12/2013 Welcome to the Stargazing Network. This website is dedicated to provide free webpage hosting just for the Astronomy Community. When we say free, we mean free. No setup charge, no monthly charge whatsoever. If you have a Amateur Astronomy Club or anything related to Astronomy or Astrophysics, you're welcome to join us.

www.stars.ca 22/12/2013 STARS Air Ambulance.

www.starsandstripesmuseumlibrary.org 22/12/2013 Stars and Stripes Museum-Library.

www.starscafe.com 22/12/2013 Compra Películas y Series de Televisión en DVD y Blu-ray en nuestra Tienda Online.

www.stat.columbia.edu/~cook 29/09/2015 Sam Cook's Homepage. I work on search quality at google's New York office. Used to be a post-doc in the Statistics Department at Columbia University, working with Andrew Gelman. I received my Ph.D. in Statistics from Harvard University in 2004 an my BS in Mathematics and Statistics at The University of Michigan in 1999 (with Tom Brady).

www.stat.ee 08/12/2015 Statistikaamet (lühend SA) on riigiasutus Rahandusministeeriumi haldusalas. Statistikaameti põhiülesanne on pakkuda ametiasutustele, äri- ja teadusringkondadele, rahvusvahelistele organisatsioonidele ning üksikisikutele usaldusväärset ja objektiivset infot Eesti keskkonna, rahvastiku, sotsiaalvaldkonna ja majanduse olukorra ning trendide kohta. Riiklik statistika on kooskõlas rahvusvaheliste klassifikaatorite ja meetoditega ning vastab erapooletuse, usaldusväärsuse, asjakohasuse, tasuvuse, konfidentsiaalsuse ja läbipaistvuse põhimõttele. Statistika tegemisel lähtub Statistikaamet riikliku statistika seadusest. Väärtused, millele amet oma töös tugineb, on usaldusväärsus, koostöö ja uuenduslikkus.

www.stat.si/statweb 03/02/2016 Statistični urad Republike Slovenije, na kratko SURS, je glavni izvajalec in usklajevalec dejavnosti slovenske državne statistike. SURS je po Zakonu o državni statistiki (Uradni list RS, št. 45/95 in 9/01) strokovno neodvisna vladna služba (njegov predstojnik je pri strokovnih metodoloških vprašanjih samostojen). Poslanstvo slovenskega statističnega urada je zagotoviti uporabnikom statistične podatke o stanjih in gibanjih na ekonomskem, demografskem in socialnem ter okoljskem področju. Podatki pa morajo biti kakovostni, pravočasni, časovno in mednarodno primerljivi ter predstavljeni jasno in razumljivo.

www.stat.si/statweb/en/home 03/02/2016 The Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia operates as a professionally independent government office, led by the Director-General. From an organizational point of view, it is divided into divisions (further divided into sections) and services. At the end of 2015, 324 people were employed, 76% of them with higher education. Two thirds of employees were women. The average age of an employee in 2015 was 44.5 years.

www.state.gov 04/01/2015 United States - Department of State Home Page.

www.stecf.org 06/04/2017 The ST-ECF consisted, until its closure in December 2010, of a small group of astronomers, software scientists and media specialists who support Hubble science in Europe and collaborate internationally on HST science, instrument, archive and outreach activities.

www.stlouisfed.org 05/10/2016 The mission of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis is to promote stable prices, encourage maximum sustainable economic growth and support financial stability for constituents in our District and throughout the United States.

www.stoa.org/diotima/anthology 02/08/2016 Anthology of Translated Texts. Diotima provides easy access to a wide variety of translated materials. We recommend that you browse the following different areas to see what's in them, and then if you still can't find something specific you want, try the search page.

www.strahljäger.de 20/03/2016 Auf dieser Seite wird eine umfangreiche - natürlich nie komplette - Auflistung von Me262-Daten sowie weitere deutscher Raketen- und Strahljäger gezeigt. Strahljäger.de soll den Informationsaustausch fördern, zu Kontakten verhelfen. Ziel ist es, Informationen gegenseitig auszutauschen, zu vervollständigen oder diese zu berichtigen - eben nicht nur auf den eigenen, gesammelten Datenbergen zu sitzen! Der Wunsch ist eine auf Originaldokumente basierende Daten-sammlung, damit nicht noch mehr Fakten dieser Zeit verfälscht werden oder verloren gehen. Woraus diese Datensammlung entstanden ist und wie sie weiter ausgebaut werden kann, ist auf der Seite Quellen zu lesen.

www.strath.ac.uk/dmem 13/01/2015 Design, Manufacture & Engineering Management. We are an award winning and internationally leading Department of Design, Manufacture and Engineering Management (DMEM). Our focus is on ‘Delivering Total Engineering’ through research excellence, effective industrial collaboration and innovative engineering education. Study In The Heart Of Glasgow. Strathclyde is a great place to study and enjoy life at the same time. And this is where you can find out everything about us - from how we teach, to what's on in Glasgow and how to get around.

www.strawberybanke.org 29/10/2015 Have fun learning about architecture, heritage plants and foodways, traditional crafts and the tools, clothing and collections families used for everyday life in this waterfront neighborhood, 1695 through 1954 when the site was saved from urban renewal. Explore heritage gardens, historic buildings and crafts, preservation programs, hands-on activities, the stories told by costumed role-players, traditional crafts and the changing exhibits that offer hours of fun and discovery.

www.stsci.edu/portal 06/04/2017 The Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI) is a multi-mission operations center for NASA’s flagship observatories and a world-class astronomical research center. Established in 1981, the Institute has developed and executed the science program for the Hubble Space Telescope (HST) since its launch in 1990. Today, STScI is developing new technologies for the science and flight operations center for NASA’s next Great Observatory, the James Webb Space Telescope, set to launch in 2018. STScI is also developing major science operations for NASA’s Wide Field Infrared Survey Telescope (WFIRST), set to launch in the mid 2020s, and studying Advanced Space Telescope Concepts for future large missions in the 2030s and beyond.

www.studentum.nl 12/01/2016 Studentum.nl is de online ontmoetingsplaats in Nederland voor studenten en scholen. Hier kunnen toekomstige studenten snel en gemakkelijk relevante informatie vinden over opleidingen en onderwijsinstellingen. Onderwijsinstellingen kunnen op Studentum.nl door middel van effectieve online marketing de juiste doelgroep bereiken. De in 2001 opgerichte Educations.com Media Group heeft jarenlange ervaring met het promoten van opleidingen op het internet.

www.studistorici.com 04/01/2015 Diacronie. Studi di Storia Contemporanea, creato a Bologna il 29 Gennaio 2008 da un gruppo di studiosi indipendenti e completamente rinnovato nella sua veste grafica nell’ottobre 2009, si configura come una risorsa digitale a libero accesso attraverso cui si intende raccogliere e promuovere studi e ricerche scientifiche di carattere storico e storiografico. Il sito si propone anche come strumento informativo su eventi, pubblicazioni e risorse informatiche legate alle scienze storiche.

www.suay.cat 12/08/2014 De l'horta estant. "Una llengua no mor perquè no guanye nous parlants; només mor si la deixen de parlar aquells qui la parlen" (Manuel Sanchis Guarner).

www.sub.uni-goettingen.de/en/news 18/12/2014 Göttingen State and University Library, founded in 1734, was the first realisation of the idea of a modern research library. As early as the 18th century, the library began developing holdings of national and international importance, which were continuously maintained throughout its history. Based on these efforts, the library has taken on a variety of tasks at the local, regional, national, and international level. With its current holdings of 7.7 million media units, Göttingen State and University Library ranks among the largest libraries in Germany. About 5,500 visitors frequent the Central Library (opened in 1993) on Platz der Göttinger Sieben every day. Göttingen State and University Library offers a broad range of services for study and research purposes in its various buildings. A competence centre of world renown, the Digital Library at the Göttingen State and University Library offers users a variety of innovative services far beyond the city's borders. In recognition of its achievements, Göttingen State and University Library has received a number of awards.

www.suppressedhistories.net 14/02/2016 Max Dashu founded the Suppressed Histories Archives in 1970 to research and document women's history from an international perspective. She built a collection of 15,000 slides and 20,000 digital images, and has created 150 slideshows on female cultural heritages across human history. (For titles and descriptions, see the online catalog). The Suppressed Histories Archives uncovers the realities of women's lives, internationally and across time, asking questions about patriarchy and slavery, conquest and aboriginality. About mother-right, female spheres of power, indigenous philosophies of spirit-- and the historical chemistry of their repression. Even more important, their role in resisting oppression.

www.supremecourt.gov 16/08/2014 Supreme Court of the United States. David Bozovich of Web Services, U.S. Government Printing Office.

www.supremecourthistory.org 14/02/2016 The Society, a private non-profit organization, is dedicated to the collection and preservation of the history of the Supreme Court of the United States. Incorporated in the District of Columbia in 1974, it was founded by Chief Justice Warren E. Burger, who served as its first honorary chairman. The Society's headquarters is located at Opperman House, 224 East Capitol Street, N.E., Washington, D.C. 20003. Opperman House has two important resources: The Goldman Library and the Membership Lounge. The Goldman Library has a conference table suitable for small meetings and luncheons. The books housed therein have been collected through the efforts of Professor James B. O'Hara, a Trustee of the Society, and comprise one of the finest collections of judicial biographies, Justices' writings, and histories of the Court.

www.surfbirds.com/community-blogs/bbc 29/05/2017 Birding in Switzerland. Birds, Beer & Chips.

www.surfbirds.com/community-blogs/Belvide84 16/05/2017 BELVIDE BIRDING. Daily Bird News & Digiscoped Images. Tree Sparrow header by Martyn Pitt. Belvide Reservoir is a 180 acre canal feeder situated in south west Staffordshire. A total of 252 species have been recorded on the reserve. I've been birding Belvide since 1984 and have personally recorded 238 species with over 7000 visits made. Belvide is like a drug to me and I can honestly say I'm addicted.

www.surfbirds.com/community-blogs/thefinancialbirder 16/05/2017 The Financial Birder. As a keen birder, I wanted to put my diary on a website that was open and honest with todays birding world. I enjoy all wildlife, which includes Butterflies, Moths and Dragonflies to name but a few. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank my wife Becky for supporting me in every way and my sons Nathan and Daniel in the construction of this site. Jeff.

www.surfbirds.com/Features/feaindex.html 16/05/2017 Birding feature articles and birding news.

www.surfbirds.com/forum/forum 16/05/2017 Hi and and a warm welcome to the very friendly Surfbirds Bird Forums. If this is your first visit, please be sure to check out the FAQ.

www.surfbirds.com/ID%20Articles/casp.html 16/05/2017 Caspian Gulls in Suffolk, UK. Brian J. Small. The following article and images is based upon my experiences of Caspian Gull Larus cachinnans in the Blythburgh area of Suffolk. It is an edited, more up to date and more visual version of an article published in ‘Suffolk Birds 1999.’ It is also hoped that it will be up-dated regularly, adding images of recent gulls.

www.surfbirds.com/index.php 16/05/2017 SURFBIRDS. We're a group of birding friends from Britain and America who decided to team up on an international birding website. Bringing the best in birding from both sides of the Atlantic and further afield onto one website, we hope to have created something unique.

www.surfbirds.com/mb/Features/slender-billed-curlew.html 16/05/2017 The Slender-billed Curlew in Northumberland, 1998 - 'plate 164'. The following is a response by the British Birds Rarities Committee (BBRC) to the discussion, which has appeared in the surfbirds.com discussion group, of plate 164 in British Birds Volume 95: page 272.

www.surfbirds.com/rankings.html 16/05/2017 LIFE AND YEAR LIST RANKINGS. Enter yourself into any or all of the Year and Life List Rankings below and share your milestones with other birders and maybe even enjoy some friendly competition with friends. It only takes a minute. Enter yourself today and keep updating your entry every time you see a new lifer or year bird!

www.surfbirds.com/Sketchbook/skindex.html 16/05/2017 SKETCHBOOKS. In this feature, we'll bring you field sketches from the sketchbooks of different bird artists, professional, amateur and those of us still learning, from across the globe.

www.suspense-movies.com/articles/femme-fatales 29/09/2015 Fabulous Forgotten Forties Femme Fatales. Ten Suspense and Film Noir Babes To Remember.

www.suzannebrulotte.com 17/07/2017 Les oiseaux de chez nous - Suzanne Brûlotte. J’ai la chance d’avoir conservé la capacité d’émerveillement de l’enfant. D’aussi loin que je puisse me rappeler, j’étais curieuse et fascinée par la nature. La rosée du matin, le papillon posé sur une fleur, l’abeille butinant dans les champs près de chez moi, le vol de l’hirondelle des granges, le chant des oiseaux… toutes ces merveilles nourrissaient mon imaginaire et ma passion naissante pour les oiseaux.

www.swedbank.lt/lt/pages/privatiems 06/12/2015 „Swedbank" - vienas pirmaujančių komercinių bankų mūsų šalyje. Mes teikiame visas bankines paslaugas daugeliui privačių asmenų ir įmonių. Santykius su klientais grindžiame ilgalaikiu pasitikėjimu, suteikiant jiems finansiniams klausimams spręsti reikalingų priemonių ir žinių, kartu siūlant paprastus ir aiškius finansinius sprendimus. Savo veikla siekiame skatinti stiprią ir tvarią daugelio gyventojų bei įmonių finansinę padėtį. Puoselėdami ilgalaikius santykius su klientais, nuolat rūpinamės savo paslaugų kokybe ir aptarnavimu - klausiame ir klausome savo klientų. Tikime, kad mūsų siūlomi patarimai ir sprendimai padeda įgyvendinti mūsų viziją - sudaryti galimybes gyventojams, įmonėms ir visuomenei augti. Mūsų vertybės - paprastumas, atvirumas ir rūpestingumas.

www.swedbank.lv 26/12/2015 Swedbank darbības pirmsākumi ir meklējami 1820. gadā, kad Zviedrijā savu darbību sāka krājbankas. Kopš bankas pirmsākumiem cieša sadarbība ar mūsu klientiem un vietējo sabiedrību ir bijusi mūsu darbības pamatā. Mūsu mērķis ir sekmēt ilgspējīgu labklājību plašam cilvēku un uzņēmumu lokam. Tas nozīmē, ka mēs strādājam, lai panāktu tādu līdzsvarotu ekonomikas attīstību, kas nodrošina labklājību gan atsevišķam indivīdam, gan visai sabiedrībai kopumā.

www.swefungi.se/swindex.html 29/09/2015 Swedish Fungi by Irene Andersson. Index.

www.swif.uniba.it/lei/index.html 24/04/2014 SWIF - Sito Web Italiano per la Filosofia.

www.swif.uniba.it/lei/index261006.html 20/01/2014 SWIF. Sito Web Italiano per la Filosofia.

www.swift.com 19/01/2016 SWIFT is a global member-owned cooperative and the world’s leading provider of secure financial messaging services. SWIFT’s messaging services are used and trusted by more than 11,000 financial institutions in more than 200 countries and territories around the world. Together with our role in standardisation, SWIFT enables secure, seamless and automated financial communication between users.

www.swopnet.com/engr/londonsewers/londontext1.html 28/04/2016 A Glimpse Into London's Early Sewers. Reprinted from Cleaner magazine. PART I BY MARY GAYMAN. Sewer means "seaward" in Old English. London's sewers were open ditches sloped slightly to drain human wastes toward the River Thames, and ultimately into the sea. Sewer ditches quickly filled with garbage and human wastes, which overflowed onto streets, into houses and marketplaces throughout London.

www.swopnet.com/engr/londonsewers/londontext2.html 28/04/2016 A Glimpse Into London's Early Sewers. Reprinted from Cleaner magazine. PART II BY MARY GAYMAN. Cleaning Up London's Drains and Sewers. Once the idea of using water to carry away human wastes was accepted, LondonÕs Commission of Sewers set out to drain the city by means of large egg-shaped tubular sewers fed by "tubular pipes" from individual homes and businesses.

www.swopnet.com/engr/londonsewers/londontext3.html 28/04/2016 The Badd Olde Days. Reprinted from Cleaner magazine. A Glimpse Into London's Early Sewers. PART III BY MARY GAYMAN. Ring a ring of rosy / A pocket full of posies / Atchoo, atchoo - / All fall down! This familiar nursery rhyme has a grim theme. It describes symptoms of the Great Plague of 1665 which killed over 60,000 in six months. Ring of rosy refers to the red ringed spots. A pocket full of posies described the "bouquets" of strong herbs carried to ward off "badd ayre." Sneezing often preceded death and most Londoners "fell down" from disease in the stifling heat wave in 1665.

www.swsbm.com/HOMEPAGE/HomePage.html 29/09/2015 The SouthWest School Botanical Medicine (Bisbee, Arizona), continues to offer distance learning programs that represent Michael Moore's herbal wisdom and the unique knowledge he accumulated during three decades of teaching and a lifetime of studying medicinal plants. These programs, which include an extensive library of Michael in the classroom setting, are available in an easy to access, online video format. The SWSBM will continue to offer the long distance learning programs that represent Michael Moore's herbal wisdom and the unique knowledge he accumulated during three decades of teaching and a lifetime of studying medicinal plants.

www.sylviawhite.com 16/04/2017 Sylvia White entered the Los Angeles art scene in 1979, as founder and director of Contemporary Artists' Services. For over 30 years, she has been known and respected as a pioneer in the field of career management for visual artists. ArtAdvice.com was launched in 1998, when the internet was still in its infancy. (If you really want to have fun, check us out in the Way Way Back Machine) Since then, she has represented a handful of artists, who rely on her wisdom and experience to place their work in galleries and exhibitions. Collectors look to her to help advise them in obtaining museum quality art, or to help with de-acquisition.

www.systbio.org 02/09/2016 The Society of Systematic Biologists advances the science of systematic biology in all its aspects of theory, principles, methodology, and practice, for both living and fossil organisms, with emphasis on areas of common interest to all systematic biologists regardless of individual specialization. Systematics is the study of biological diversity and its origins.